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A part of the Christian tradition involves recognition of baptism, marriage, community via breaking of bread, and the celebration of individual and shared lives. Quakers try to do all of these things, not specifically as separate ceremonies, but by recognising that they form part of the fabric of all our lives.

 We welcome a new life into our meetings as part of worship. We recognise the departure of a life from our meetings via funerals and testimonies which capture the contribution individual Friends have made in their individual journey through life. A Quaker wedding aims at simplicity and a clear recognition of the joining of the lives of two people in a lifelong journey together.

In becoming a Member of the Religious Society of Friends we recognise our joining the community of Friends and our responsibility to support this in whatever way we are called. We share food together and try to share our lives. Many of the things we do may not be couched in traditional Christian language but attempt to bring to life the living Christian tradition. George Fox regarded Quakers as returning to original primitive Christianity.

Modern Quakers, having access to a wide range or spiritual traditions, may express their religious life in broader terms that those defined by Christianity, while valuing the leadings and teaching provided by Jesus of Nazareth.