Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Quakers

The Religious Society of Friends

Area Meetings


These business meetings are open to Members and regular attenders at local Meetings for Worship. Attenders should check with the Clerk of Area Meeting or your local elders or overseers before requesting to attend any area business meeting. Permission will normally be granted without problem.

These meetings follow normal Quaker practice regarding business meetings (see the book, "Quaker Faith and Practice" for details) and start with a period of worship.

About Quakers


Quakers believe that we all can have direct experience of God. In our Meetings for Worship, we meet God in an un-programmed quiet silent time but which may also include the vocal contributions of gathered Friends. No two Quaker Meetings for Worship are the same, in time or geographical location, reflecting the concerns and inspirations of individual Friends in that time and place.

Our Quaker Meetings are open to all who wish to share and participate openly in  our approach to God and the religious life. Each Meeting aims to be a religious sharing community governed by our growing awareness of the right ordering of our lives.

Welcome Friends


Quakers, or Friends, are members of the Religious Society of Friends, also called by some the Friends' Church. Friends are theologically diverse; many Friends regard themselves as Christian, and include those with evangelical, holiness, liberal and traditional Quaker understandings of Christianity. Others groups of Friends with Christian atheist or universalist beliefs have emerged as well. 

Quakers affirm that every person has 'that of God' within them; that every person can directly experience God in their own way; that in our silent worship and in living in community we discover together what truth and love mean for us.